Sunday November 14th

12pm for a 12.15 start. Finish 5.30


Escape into the tranquil setting where you will experience and discover the wellness secrets to detox your body, mind and spirit.


Discover the power of Breathwork, Infrared saunas and Ice baths.


We will begin with a powerful breathwork session on the grass to open our respiratory chain and prepare for a few hours of bliss.


Followed by 6 Stations of 30 mins each.


- Zen Shiatsu Massage to stretch your body and release tension.

- Ionic Foot Detox Spa to detox heavy metals

- Mud Mask to your body and face whilst you lie back on the grass and benefit from grounding to the frequency of mother nature and Earth

- Infrared Sauna to detox - You will sweat to some cool tunes and with others

- Ice Bath Cold Plunge - Australia's first cold plunge pool at 5 degrees - Yes you can DO IT !

- Chill out in the Magnesium pool and relax with a cool drink and some snacks.

- Reflection/Silence/Journaling/Integrate.


Meet like minded people and leave feeling alive and exhilarated.


Only space for 24 people.



There's no better time to take care of your body mind and spirit than NOW. You deserve to escape and reward yourself.


We are excited to share our secrets with you so that you can thrive on in this world and be

HEALTHY, CALM and INSPIRED to live your best life.


Look forward to seeing you in the chill zone.


The Body Retreat Team


Detox Day Retreat ticket