MYOTAPE is designed especially to help restore nasal breathing in children, for optimum childhood development.


The tape is easy to use, allows the child to feel in control and gently supports healthy breathing during day and night.


Support functional orthodontics, healthy teeth, and airway development.


Nasal breathing is essential for healthy development of the face, teeth and upper airways. Left untreated in childhood, habitual mouth breathing results in abnormal facial features, dental deformities and narrow airways. This perpetuates poor breathing habits in adulthood and causes a lifetime of health issues.


MYOTAPE is a training support that helps rebuild the habit of nose breathing, allowing your child to grow with straight, healthy teeth, a well-proportioned face and healthy breathing patterns.


Reduce symptoms of behavioral and learning disorders


When a child mouth-breathes, imbalances in blood gases caused by over-breathing mean it is not possible for enough oxygen to reach the brain. Long term, this has been proven to have a direct impact on learning ability, cognition and behavior. Habitual mouth breathing in childhood is a factor in diagnoses of ADHD and ADD12. When a child is left with untreated snoring past the age of 8, that child has an 80% chance of suffering a permanent 20% reduction in mental capacity13.


By using MYOTAPE to restore full-time nasal breathing, you can help your child to avoid the serious consequences of untreated mouth breathing.


Improve speech and auditory processing


Children who breathe through an open mouth develop changes in the way the muscles of the lips, tongue and cheeks work. This can negatively affect essential functions like chewing, swallowing and speech. It also causes speech disorders including lisps, the inability to pronounce certain sounds and immature auditory processing.


By using MYOTAPE to restore full-time nasal breathing, you can ensure your child has the best start in life.

Myotape - Peaceful sleep for CHILDREN

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