What if you could Get Back to Work, Go Swimming, and Start Gardening again

How would you feel if you could Run, Swim or Ride again

What we do is different, you won't be told about it by your doctor or your specialist. They don't know how this treatment works.

You have most likely had the scans, and are taking too many drugs.

Maybe you have tried the usual therapies recommended by the GP and now trying to avoid their next recommendation -

Expenisve Specialists and Surgery.


Thats why my focus on treating you is to bring balance back with electrons, energy and redox. 

If you are not in BALANCE  you WILL BE SICK and IN PAIN.

We can help bring you back to

BALANCE and get you back to LIFE.


You are a living being and we will teach you how to really LIVE LIFE and be ALIVE.

You've landed and We can HELP you

What We Do


  • Fast Pain Relief

  • Focused attention 100% time

  • Combination of Remedial Massage, Scenar, KEY therapy, Essential oils, Redox technology, Bioressonance frequency therapy


  • Treat Yourself at Home 

  • Don't wait for a Therapist.

  • Relieve Pain Immediately


  • Add Physiokey to your practice

  • Reduce Strain on Your Hands

  • Improve Patient Outcomes

This treatment will put your body at ease and calm your mind all you have to do is decide to heal.

You won't be disappointed and you will be back to your life

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36 Williams Street, Redcliffe, Q 4020
36 Williams Street
Redcliffe 4020 Qld

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