30 years of 
treating pain, athletes and people just like YOU.

Breathwork, Remedial Massage, Pain Relief, Infrared Sauna, Ice Plunge Pool 


If breathing is not efficient in normal restful waking state, it is never going to be optimal during physical exercise, it will also be dysfunctional during sleep, when the body needs to restore, repair, and revitalize it's systems. 

When you learn how to correct your breathing your sleep will improve, your mind will become calm, your energy will increase. 

If you are an athlete you MUST learn to breath with your MOUTH SHUT so you can oxygenate your muscles and recover from injuries.

Small group breathing classes, workshops, and half day retreats to learn how to effectively breathe including sauna and ice bath.

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The Body Specialist is highly trained in Remedial Massage, Sports massage and biofeedback devices. Having spent decades using cutting edge technology that gets your body communicating and your nervous system functioning again. A combo of Scenar and Key Therapy and Remedial/Sports massage will quickly restore your body.

If you are experiencing acute or chronic pain we can help you. Unlike most therapies that focus treatment on the pain. we focus on where your body NEEDS treatment. We will quickly identify where the blocks or dysfunction is within the spine or extremeties.

Focus on where your body NEEDS treatment and quickly relieve the pain.

3-5 sessions will alleviate 90% of discomfort

Back Massage

One of the most experienced therapists you will encounter. Over 30 years working with human body dysfunction. Most people put emphasis on training but here we specialize in recovery.


The most important link in any athlete program is recovery. If you are injured or recovering from trauma, pain or sports injury we can help you. 

Redcliffe's First Hot/Cold Recovery Centre.

Clearlight medical grade Infrared 4 person/Yoga Sauna


Perfect for the:

  • Athlete in training

  • Detox from heavy metals and pesticides

  • Reboot your immune system 

  • Challenge yourself in the ice plunge

  • Improve your sleep, skin and mood.


Make the Cold Plunge and Sauna a regular visit and your health and life WILL change.

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What if you could Get Back to Work, Go Swimming, and Start Gardening again

How would you feel if you could

Run, Swim or Ride again

Women Road Biking

Your body can heal you just need a little help from us


I'm glad you're here. Redcliffe is now blessed to have a boutiqe health retreat where you can finally Breath, Relieve your pain and Recover.

We have the state of the art technology to bring you back to life and 30+ years of experience dealing with elite athletes, weekend warriors, elderly patients, children and teenagers. 

If you are in pain, we have SCENAR/Key therapy to help solve that for you.

Are you competing at any level of sport (Triathlons, running, swimming or cycling, tennis, martial arts.


Do you find yourself breathless, fatigued, struggling with lactic acid ?

If you are struggling with your breathing, have health concerns mastering your breathe is our speciality.


We can help give you the tools and exercises you need to achieve faster times and enjoy your sport more. Join one of our breathing classes and learn all the oxygen advantage principles.

If your neck is out, your back is hurting and you're simply sore all over a good deep tissue remedial massage will help solve that. I know it's hard to find a good therapist that will get into your muscles. As an athlete I know where it hurts... If you're chronically fatigued i've been there too.

You're in experienced hands and I will take good care of you.

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What We Do

Ice Bath

​The Cold Plunge imported from USA

Set your temperature from 3 deg to 40C

Plunge for 2 mins

Get all the benefits of cold water therapy 

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Infrared Sauna

Clearlight Infrared 4 person/YOGA sauna

Full spectrum

Do a hot yoga workout or lie back and stretch

Set the temp and sweat out heavy metals, toxins and let your skin glow

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Bring Frequency medicine to your home

Treat yourself and your family easily

Can be used on the go, while shopping, working or sleeping

Fast Pain Relief

Focused attention 100%

Combination of Remedial Massage, Sports Massage, Scenar, KEY therapy, Essential oils, Redox technology, Bioressonance frequency therapy

Health fund rebates may apply.
HICAPS available on spot