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100% Drug Free Pain Relief Therapy

Relieve Acute and Chronic Pain
Treat yourself at home 
No waiting for a therapist
Fast effective treatment
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Specially designed for you to

use at home,

at work,

following kids sports practice.

Don't wait for a therapist.

Treat immediately and get fast healing

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All Videos
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3 Pathways with Sanakey

3 Pathways with Sanakey

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Easy to operate

Sports injuries

When you're child comes home hurt from training or school. You can successfully treat sprains, stains and sore muscles easily. 

No need to wait to see a therapist. Children heal fast when you can treat immediately

Headaches -

Back pain - Neck Pain

Sanakey has you covered. When pain strikes and it's acute - local treatment will provide relief.

Reach for the sanakey not the drugs.

Lower Abdominal and Digestive discomfort

When that time of the month hits or you're suffering with abdominal discomfort you can rely on Sanakey getting you through without the need for anything else

The functional principle

The sanakey stimulates sensory nerves to activate the body's own powerful pain relief mechanisms and self-healing powers by using highly variable electrical impulses, which enter into 'direct dialogue' with the body. Every impulse differs from the previous one, thus preventing the body habituating to a single, continuous electrical signal. This happens up to several thousand times per second and influences the body's nervous system and thus the body's adaptive and regulative processes (including pain relief)

look who uses it

Anthony mundine

World Champion in Super Midweight Class

Layne Beachley

 7 Times World surfing champion


Runner up in the European triathlon championships, stays fit , supported by the sanakey

EAsy to USE

Sanakey uses biofeedback  so all you have to do is put the device where you feel discomfort. The device takes care of the rest.

no training needed

Intuitive device, variety of changeable heads. Learn with online videos and a full manual included

Very simple to understand

when you need help 24/7

Reduce your time at treatment clinics. Treat your issues as they happen then they don't become an issue

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