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Touch screen and full-colour LCD screen 

Sleek and User friendly

Made in Germany!


ARTG #230724.


GST Included
  • Dimension specifics


    dimension :                                      185 x 51 x 28 mm (L x W x H)

    weight:                                            150g

    connection:                                      USB


    electroniccharging voltage:               5V +/- 0,5V max.

    Charging time:                                  ca. 180 min

    Typical operating period                    6h (depending on the mode)

  • What's included


     Small hard case

    Charging cable,

    Standard interchangeable head,

    Instruction manual,

    Free sanakey app (download app)

    Free Express shipping (Australia Only). 

    Optional electrode heads and accessories not included.

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