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Skincare and the many things you must consider

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

I am definitely not a skincare expert, but I do know that for my entire life I've avoided putting most things on my skin... I was never into makeup and never into a bathroom full of products. I spent way too many hours in chlorine in my swimming days and always struggled with red irritated skin on my cheeks. I often got asked if I had sunburn, high blood pressure, or at worst rosacea. I never really had any of these things and citrus and chocolate flared it up. It wasn't until I discovered Redox molecules and how effective that was on clearing up my skin that 6 months later I no longer suffer any of these things any more.

So other than adding Redox and Renu 28 to your skin care routine....

Here's a few other tips you might like to consider.

Nothing below will surprise you, but it is nice to be reminded every now and then of some easy tips that can help you look after your skin.

Drink water - This is clearly a no-brainer! Not only does water help flush toxins from our body, it can increase our energy and help us avoid dehydration (duh!). Dehydrated body = dehydrated skin. Don't go overboard with how much you drink, a couple of litres per day should do the trick!

Sleep - Are you getting enough sleep? I know this is probably easier said than done, especially given our busy lifestyles, but a lack of sleep can dramatically affect the appearance of our skin. I cannot function during the day if I don't have enough sleep, and I know this shows up on my face.

Clean your pillowcases, makeup brushes, phones etc. - We use these everyday and would probably be horrified at the amount of germs that reside on these surfaces.

Manage stress - This is something I am still working on. I think it is easy to get caught up and forget that we need to take time out for ourselves. I have made a point of meditating/visualising at least once a day. I have found that it helps lower my heart rate and therefore reduce stress and stress related breakouts. Meditation not really your thing? That's okay, just start small and build it up over time. You won't be sorry.

Eating a balanced diet - The key word here is balance. I personally find I difficult to eat a completely clean diet 100% of the time. Over the years I have come to realise that trying to eat paleo, clean and being good 100% of the time only leads to anxiety or feeling like you're missing out! If you can follow the 80/20 rule and make good choices then eating a bit of chocolate? Will most likely be good for your soul and your spirit !.Yes! Have a slice of cake? Sure!

But just make sure you are doing it in moderation, and perhaps after you've had your correct serve of veggies for the day.

Use QUALITY skincare - Redox skin care. When you replenish your redox in your skin it will have dramatic effects on your health, body and re-establish your ability to detect, repair replace and protect on that cellular level. Redox skin care is free from toxins, free from chemicals and perfumes. It is incredibly important to me that I am only using quality products on my face and that these products actually work! I am so lucky to have finally found a skincare that does both. I've now been using Renu28 for 6 years and just this morning I commented whilst at the beach swimming how amazingly smooth my skin was.

Most importantly avoid products that contain nasties, and especially those that clog your pores. Simple and multi-functional skincare is the way to go. Who has time for lengthy routines in the morning? I know I don't. I've had a lot of success with my skincare, so reach out to me if you'd like to know more about the products I use. They aren't expensive and you can use redox on every part of your body to heal repair and regenerate anything that is damaged either sun damage, skin sensitivities, skin imbalances, skin disorders and many more uses.

If you would like to add Renu28 into your skin care routine. It is available through the shop or you can purchase it wholesale through the following link.

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