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Detox retreat days are here

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

We are excited to announce the launch of The Body Retreat - A 5.5 hour Day Retreat and Unique Experiences just for you and your friends.

As we all navigate this strange new world we have been thrust into we wanted to give you a place where

you will feel welcome, at peace and a place to connect with other like minded people.

Over the past 7 years we have completely renovated our dream place into a retreat. As many of you know my passion is health and wellness and I love to challenge myself. I can assure you renovating this place was a challenge....

I took a year off just before Covid and indulged in what I called a sabbatical. I was burnt out, exhausted from constantly giving my energy and time and I was craving time to be with my family. During this time I studied Personal health, relationship and parenting modules and took part in some pretty intense personal development courses.

It was during a breathwork session that I decided that I really had to quit and take care of myself. When you lie still and breathe slowly in a conscious rhythmical way it takes you back to that first breathe. The sound of crystal bowls, the stillness and the calm... it was pure magic. It was like I had been transported to heaven and felt like I was floating on a cloud. I was so fascinated by this experience that I craved this stillness and calm.

During this session I had some very strong voices speak to me and I was clearly told that I needed to prepare myself for what was coming. It was made very clear to me that I needed to be ready to help people. I never really knew what that meant at the time but I trusted the messages I was given for that year and I rebalanced myself and learnt as many things as I could.

Covid has certainly taught us all many different things over the past 18 months. For a year I have witnessed so many people endure enormous amounts of stress and watched their bodies fall apart. I am forever grateful for the tools I learnt so that our family was protected and prepared to deal with the past 18 months.

Now it's my turn to share all of these secrets with you so that we can create that calm and stillness into your lives.

Our weekends were spent indulging in crazy health practices from cold immersion, to hot saunas, swimming in icy oceans all winter and rubbing detox mud clay all over our faces and bodies.

During one of these crazy weekends my dream of detox retreats was born...

We hosted our first Detox Day in October and it was a huge success with participants raving about how healing it was for them and how revived and alive they felt. So now it's my mission to bring it to you and to corporate and to all of Brisbane.

It is 5.5 hrs of pure detox fun. I promise you will come out of this alive and feeling grounded and calm.

When you experience this state of being it's hard to go back to that state of stress and anxiety. So if you are suffering in any way from anxiety, depression or just feel off balance this day is perfect for you.

It's difficult to get time to get away on a retreat for a week and it's expensive....

Imagine if you could unplug for 5.5 hours with a few friends and just relax.

Now you can...

We have 3 exciting events lined up for you in November.

  • 2 Amazing Zen Shiatsu Massage Therapists will be in clinic for 90 minute appointments for Friday/Saturday and Sunday 12/13/14 November

  • Breathwork - Sound - Feast under the stars - Saturday 13th November -

  • Detox Day Retreat. 5.5 hrs indulgence.- Sunday 14 November

You are invited to attend 1 or ALL of the events.

Make it a super deluxe weekend of SELF love and SELF Care ready for Xmas.

1. Zen Shiatsu Massage

(only 12 spots available)

Please reserve your 90 mins on this link. It will be $155 paid in cash on the day.

Please select 12/13 or 14th November and your time.

2. Detox Day Retreat - only $280

Sunday November 14th 12 pm

45 min Breathwork Sound healing journey with Timmy

- Zen Thai Shiatsu Massage

- Infrared Sauna

- Magnesium Pool

- The cold plunge - Ice bath

- Ion foot detox spa

- Full body plus face mud mask whilst grounding

- Full body skin exfoliation scrub

- Quiet Reflection time

- Amazing food platter

3. Breathwork - Sound - Feast

$69 - Saturday November 13th. 5.30pm

Experience a powerful breathwork session under the canopy of the stars in the glorious setting of the The Body Retreat. Rhythmic conscious breathing, feel yourself come alive again. You will be surrounded by like minded people all on a mission to discover the best versions of themselves. Lulled by the sounds of crystal bowls, gongs, didgeridoos and uplifting tunes. Our favorite chef Belinda will have a delicious vegetarian feast prepared for you. Book Breathwork - Sound - Feast In a weekend we can transform your mental health and your state of being. You are safe and in great hands. We have an exceptional team of experts from breathwork facilitators, Zen Shiatsu therapists and a wonderful team ready to take you on a journey you'll never forget or regret. Tickets are limited and selling out. See you for an incredible weekend.

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