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How do I choose the right Therapist.

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

When searching for a therapist to help you get out of pain, there are a few things you should be aware of that will help to find the right person for you. Every therapist offers a different approach to you, and to your treatment. Just like there are good and not so good doctors, the same applies to allied health care and alternate treatment options.

One of the beautiful things about SCENAR and Key Therapy is the fact that it is a medical device. Once the therapist is trained in the proper use of their device, the results should be fairly consistent among therapists. So long as the therapist follows the correct principles and protocols of the treatment, the results should remain similar.

A professional Key/SCENAR therapist must posses a professional level device. This differs from a SanaKey/Sport device by the ability to use the Treatment/Dose function. A professional therapist will spend approximately 45-60 minutes using the Key/SCENAR device using certain patterns up and down the spine, and may also work extensively on the abdominal area. Treatment may also be combined with the use of an OLM blanket, kinesiology, aromatherapy, Essential Oils, or soft tissue and remedial massage techniques.

Professional SCENAR therapists go through a series of levels of training. Level 1 is the most basic. With this training level the therapist should be easily able to assist in the patients recovery from a wide range of ailments. The more experienced the therapist is, the faster you can expect results, and with fewer appointments. Finding a therapist who is multi disciplined in other modalities always adds to what they can deliver within a treatment session.

The most important factor in finding a therapist is finding one that you can relate to and trust. Someone who you can open up to, be honest with, and openly discuss your life, emotions, body, and what is and isn't working.

One therapist may not be the right fit, but never discount the therapy itself, as it may be the practitioner that is the problem. As with most things, levels of capability and effectiveness vary.

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Sally has over 29 years of experience as a therapist. Originally studying Remedial Massage and a 4 year Acupuncture course, she has been a studying new and alternate treatment methods ever since. As one of Australia's first SCENAR therapists she has trained a number of therapist, Physiotherapists and Massage therapists in the art of SCENAR therapy. Her career highlights include working as head therapist on the WTA (Women's professional Tennis circuit) for 5 years. This involved assisting the women's top 10 players at their major Grand Slam events. Her extensive experience not only as an elite athlete herself (narrowly missing the Barcelona Olympics in 1992 by 0.04 seconds) she has helped many athletes reach No.1 in their field and achieve their individual best performances, to say nothing of helping many injured 'every day' athletes get back to doing their chosen sport. She loves nothing more than helping you overcome your injuries and pain, and getting you back on the field.

She understand completely that you don't want to rest, you want to recover! Sally now incorporates many revolutionary modalities, technologies and products that most practitioners have not been exposed to or don't even know about.

When you choose who you are going to take with you on your treatment journey, take someone who is experienced, and will be with you 100% until you are healed.

Sally has been trusted by 1000's of people and is very well respected as a Therapist both locally and internationally.

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